We are home to the Boomerang Brand of RC Turbine Jets.

Whether you are looking to get started in the exciting world of RC Turbine flying or if you are a seasoned pro, you will want to have a Boomerang in your hanger.

Boomerang Jets have been serving RC pilots for over 20 years and have trained more turbine pilots than any other brands.

The simplicity of the Boomerang design, from construction, to field assembly and of course very predictable flight manners, makes the Boomerang a perfect choice for any pilot.

Boomerang was designed with the short field, grass runway environment in mind. From very short takeoffs to very slow landings you’ll be able to fly a Boomerang jet from places the other jets wouldn’t even dream of flying from. And when it’s time to go home, even the largest Boomerang will fit into a small car. That’s what sets Boomerang Jets apart.

And of course if you would like to do some aerobatics while aloft then go ahead and push it through its paces. You’ll be stunned at what a Boomerang can do!

If you are a beginner to RC Jets then just take a deep breath and relax. You’re flying a Boomerang. Perhaps the most stable jet platform available to learn on

At Boomerang RC Jets we are here to help. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at sales@boomerangrcjets.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Boomerang Shipment Status

Container Shipment Update

Current Status: Arrived!!!

Production Status: Completed
Production Start: June 2021
Production Complete: Sept 2021

Shipment Status: Shipped
Shipping Date: Sept 10th 2021
Arrival Date: Nov 30th 2021


Great news !! Our container is finally here at our US warehouse 

Please order yours favorite Jets now before it's out of stock as quantity is limited. Not only that, expected the price will increase next year due to really high shipping cost right now. 

This container has arrived at perfect time for holiday and for your Winter build !! 


For Europe customers, will also have stock for the new Ranger available by end of November to ship out from our China factory. Shipping cost is estimated around $350 - $400 per kit (this is our discounted shipping cost) depends your location.  Other international customers, please contact us at sales@boomerangrcjets.com for more shipping details. 


*** Shipment Update as of Nov 30th 2021 *** 

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