Track Your Order

Need to find out where your order is? Here's a great way to start with tracking based questions that involve any recent order placed with Boomerang RC Jets

Shipping Methods 

At Boomerang RC Jets, we use UPS, USPS and FedEx - websites noted below. Please note that FedEx is not a carrier offered for international based orders. 

With any and every order placed with us, you will receive a tracking number, which can be used to locate your order and estimate the time of arrival. 

Based upon the tracking number received via email, simply select the tracking number link within the email, and you will be directed to the carriers website for tracking based updates.

UPS Website Tracking:

USPS Website Tracking:

FedEx Website Tracking:

A Note for 1st Class International Orders:

1st Class International Mail via USPS has no tracking option, nor is a tracking number supplied with your order. USPS 1st Class Mail offers a “Package Label Number” with all 1st Class International orders, which can be helpful once your order arrives within your country. 

This 1st Class International package label number will provide tracking information up until the parcel departs the United States. After that point of time, no further tracking updates will be available until the parcel arrives within the country of destination and scanned by the local post office.

With 1st Class International Mail, due to this method not utilizing an active tracking number, this method of shipment can be prone to delays exceeding (45) days or more. 

Due to these above issues, we at Boomerang RC Jets have no ability to offer support, assistance or information, aside from a package label number, and cannot be held responsible for any delays in your shipping time via a 1st Class Method.

Even though 1st Class International shipping rates are lower in overall cost when compared to other shipping rates, we recommend choosing a more secure method of shipping, such as UPS, USPS Priority Mail or USPS EMS Express. Although more costly, these methods of shipping are far quicker & safer, and have a much greater chance of arriving within a normal span of time.

Lost or Delayed Orders via 1st Class International Mail:

If a 1st Class International shipping method is selected, we at Boomerang RC Jets HIGHLY recommend opting for  optional insurance in order to protect your parcel in case the order is lost. If your order is deemed lost via USPS (lost 1st Class order(s) = 45 days from ship date), and you have selected an insurance option via Boomerang RC Jets, you may contact our customer service team for assistance.

For those who ship via 1st Class International Mail (or any other method of shipment) and do not opt for optional insurance, if your order is lost, Boomerang RC Jets cannot / will not be held responsible for any re-shipment, refund, store credit or otherwise, as 1st Class International Mail has been clearly stated as a risk of delay or loss from the inception of the order. 

Only an insurance option will allow us to assist you if your order is lost via USPS 1st Class International Mail, or any other method of shipment outside of 1st Class International Mail.

If you have selected an insurance option via 1st Class International Mail, please be aware that Boomerang RC Jets cannot offer any assistance till (45) days pass from the original ship date.

Order Tracking FAQ’s

 I Just Received a Tracking Number, but It Doesn’t Work?

 Once your order is shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS, the tracking number will not be “live” till the carrier picks up your order. Depending upon the carrier or method of shipping, this may take up to a day. 

For orders placed later in the day, please be aware that even though your order has a "Complete" status with a tracking number that has been issued, this does not mean the order has left our facility. If our staff did not have time to process and pass your order onto the carrier of choice, your order can be marked as "Complete" with a tracking number issued, but will then ship the following day.

 My Package Is Delayed – What Do I Do?

 If your order is delayed, please check your tracking number first, and if the information provided does not offer viable feedback, please contact us – we can either contact the carrier, or give you an estimated time of when your parcel should arrive. 

Please keep in mind that 1st Class Mail within the USA can take up to (7) days for delivery, even if it has arrived within just a few days with past orders. Other methods of shipment can also vary in delivery time, even if parcels have been received earlier in the past.

 My Order Shipped via USPS, but the Tracking Information Has Not Changed?

 For orders shipped via USPS, the tracking information can be slightly delayed, as USPS Mail updates every few days, and sometimes the information can be delayed. 

Please allow your tracking information (1) to (3) days to update, and please note that this tracking number is actually a delivery confirmation number, and may not be updated at all till your order is delivered to your door. 

If you see a continued delay or feel something may be wrong with your parcel in terms of proper delivery, please contact our staff, and we will be sure to provide the best options available to help secure your order.

 I Didn’t Receive a Tracking Number With 1st Class Mail – What Do I Do?

 If your order shipped via 1st Class International Mail, no active tracking number is supplied – only a package label number is provided, which will provide very basic tracking information inside the USA, and will only show a tracking update once the parcel arrives within the stated country of destination.

 My Order Shipped via 1st Class Mail and has Been Delayed for a Very Long Time?

 As mentioned above, 1st Class Mail has no active tracking number, and is highly prone to delays. If your order has not showed up for more than (3) weeks, please use your package label number to check with your local customs agent and local postal agent. 

If your order is delayed beyond (45) days and you have selected the shipping insurance option, please contact our customer service department, and we will be sure to assist you. 

If optional insurance has not been selected, please be aware that no credits, refunds or re-shipments can be offered.

 UPS, FedEx or USPS Shows My Order Delivered, but I Have Not Received My Order?

 If your order shows delivered via the tracking number you have received, please contact your carrier / post office, as the package may have been left in a location that you are not aware of, or there may be an error with the tracking. 

If you cannot locate your parcel via your carrier or post office, please reach out to our customer service team, and we will review what options we are able to offer based upon insurance options, trace options, or other such options available.