Payment Information 

Boomerang RC Jets makes paying for your orders simple, fast and easy! Please see below in relation to all our policies and information when it comes to payment related issues & questions when making a purchase via Boomerang RC Jets.

 Payment Methods: 

- Visa

- MasterCard

- American Express

- Discover

- PayPal

- Affirm

- Check / Money Order

- Wire Transfer 

PayPal Shipping Information:

 Please note that Boomerang RC Jets bases all orders placed in our system in direct reference to the shipping address the customer has inputted. Please be aware that we do not utilize the customers noted PayPal address that is noted in PayPal, as our system does not have the ability to transpose PayPal shipping address information when the customer places an order with us. 

In the case of a differing PayPal shipping address in reference to the shipping address notated within your order, please be aware that we may only be able to ship your order to the matching noted PayPal address within your account per PayPal's seller protection standards. This would normally take place when an order is under review by our fraud department, and is subject to our staff's discretion. 

Check / Money Order Information: 

Please note that any check / money order option for payment will require our staff manually creating an order for the customer requesting this payment method. Once the order has been manually created, our staff will provide the necessary information in regards to the reference order number, along with our shipping address, which can be found under the "Contact Us" section of our website. 

Please be aware that any order paid via a check / money order method will have the noted order held until funds clear in our checking account. Order will not be released until all payments have cleared. 

If using a check / money order payment method, please be sure to ship any such payment to us with valid tracking information, and please also notate the order number of the stated order within the payment details so our staff can properly notate and release the order, once payment has cleared. 

Please note that Boomerang RC Jets cannot / will not be held liable or responsible for any payment sent to us without tracking information. If the customer cannot prove payment has been received, no credit or order can be issued to the customer based upon the missing payment. 

Check / Money Order Shipping Address:

Boomerang RC Jets

730 Eastern Ave., Unit 096

Malden, MA 02148 

Affirm Information: 

Affirm is an excellent option to assist customers with larger / higher costs orders via monthly payments that are very affordable. This system is easy to use, incredibly safe, and allows the customer to choose a payment plan that works the very best based upon what is in need. 

Regarding any payment related questions with Affirm, approval issues and so forth, please be aware that Boomerang RC Jets can only offer basic information about these issues, as the customers privacy is protected via Affirm. The customer may very well be directed to Affirm for direct support, as our staff at Boomerang RC Jets is limited on what options can be offered when using Affirm. 

For all Affirm based payment orders, all such orders must be placed online via the Boomerang RC Jets website. Due to the verification process and privacy / security measures Affirm employs, our staff at Boomerang RC Jets cannot process manual orders using Affirm.

Disclosure: "Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:"

 Payment Security: 

When it comes to shopping with Boomerang RC Jets, rest assured that we utilize the latest safety & security technologies available, allowing any order you place with us to be done so via the ultimate in security and safety. 

Boomerang RC Jets utilizes the latest SSL secure systems, and our website is monitored, checked and carefully covered via multiple 3rd party security systems to maintain maximum levels of shopping safety. 

All credit card date is unavailable to our staff, and any saved credit card info is stored offsite via a secure server associated with our PayPal banking system. Further, the customer has the complete option of managing all saved payment preferences via the Boomerang RC Jets website, providing the ultimate control with any noted payment details. 

Saved Credit Card Options: 

To save time and make shopping ultra quick & easy, we offer the ability to save credit card details, allowing lightning quick checkout options that save you time with every order made via Boomerang RC Jets

As noted above, all saved payment information is not accessible by our staff, and is stored via our PayPal payment system that is not linked to Boomerang RC Jets. This allows ultra safe & easy shopping without any worries when it comes to credit card safety. 

PayPal Billing Agreement Options:

 As another way to make shopping simple, sane and ultra quick, Boomerang RC Jets offers PayPal Billing Agreement options for customers that use PayPal, thus speeding up the checkout time without the hassle of being directed & redirected via multiple page changes. 

If PayPal Billing Agreement is utilized, this system allows the customer to agree to his / her PayPal account to be accessed by Boomerang RC Jets when an order is generated by the customer. With this method, the process is much faster, and does not require the hassle of being directed to the PayPal website, logging into PayPal, paying for the order, and then being redirected back to Boomerang RC Jet.

With the PayPal Billing Agreement system, it's a one click process with no redirects necessary, making any order placed via Boomerang RC Jets quick & painless. 

As with the saved credit card feature, the customer has the option of updating or canceling this system at anytime by accessing this option via the "My Account" settings. 

Fraud Detection Systems:

Boomerang RC Jets utilizes multiple fraud detection systems to verify all orders we receive. This system carefully checks multiple parameters of every order generated, and depending upon the situation, can require additional time to properly verify payment details before an order is shipped. 

Due to high levels of fraud, please be aware that any order submitted to Boomerang RC Jets may require careful overview. The time required to process an order will vary, and certain orders will require greater amounts of time before we are able to safely release the order. 

Nearly all orders processed by Boomerang RC Jets do not require fraud overview, but the select few orders that require this overview will be done so as quickly as our staff is able to, making sure that any valid order placed with Boomerang RC Jets is processed and shipped ASAP. 

If the customer's order is requiring greater levels of fraud verification, please note that Boomerang RC Jets cannot be held liable for any delays, nor can we be held liable for expedited shipping options that have been paid for, as these expedited shipping options will still be utilized upon release of the order. 

If an expedited shipping method was paid for (including a rush fee), these payments are not available for refund or credit based upon delays with an order requiring greater levels of fraud overview. These delays are not common, but are areas outside of our control when it comes to the necessary time for payment verification. 

Based upon the systems we have in place, we will do our very best to expedite any order placed with us. However, due to the variables of the fraud protection systems we utilize, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee shipping times. 

If an order is found to be fraudulent (or carriers risks we cannot assume), our team will cancel the order and issue a full refund of the order value. 

In the case of orders that are not deemed as fraud but simply carry too many risks to ship, our team will reach out to the noted customer and present alternative payment options in hopes of another option for a viable order.