Furious FPV DOCK-KING - Next Level FPV

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In the change by the minute FPV scene, Furious FPV continues to innovative with cutting edge FPV products that offer new realms of functionality, performance and simplicity in the growing chase of FPV video perfection. And with the latest release of the all new DOCK-KING, Furious FPV takes a stab at greater levels of video clarity for on the edge FPV bliss.

In days past, FPV ground stations were all the rage - mainly due to how bulky, cumbersome and complex all the FPV bits became when grouped together in semi permanent order. My very 1st FPV setup was backpack based with wires & antennas strung together in a chaotic spider web of horror to help eek out the best video reception possible in transportable form. Much has changed since then, with the vast array of FPV receivers being goggle mounted, making an FPV system clean, compact and ultra easy to utilize. But, there's a catch - there's always a catch.

With the vast array of pilots that strap a set of goggles to their face, keeping the receiver antennas (especially sensitive directional based antennas) pointed in the proper direction is difficult at best - mainly because you are staring at a screen and trying not to destroy your FPV quad in epic fashion. Worse yet, most pilots end up naturally tilting their heads downwards, which ultimately degrades antenna capabilities that rely on a high dB directional layout for optimum long range signal strength. In short speak, this means video drop outs, signal noise, and ultimately smacking your quad into that tree you were so deftly trying to avoid at carbon demolishing speeds.

Enter the Furious FPV DOCK-KING - an awesome little device that was specifically designed to be paired with the massively popular TRUE-D Diversity Receiver for a new level of high quality FPV video capability. Designed specifically for the TRUE-D system, the DOCK-KING is a mini ground station that includes a tri-pod mount + magnet for a pint sized ground station that can pack a serious punch. And since the TRUE-D is optimized as a diversity based system, highly directional high dB antennas can be maximized to their greatest potential with the DOCK-KING at play.

When it comes to features, Furious FPV did some extensive homework, offering everything a race or freestyle FPV pilot could dream of. Utilizing dual AV outputs, you can share your video signal with others via goggles or LCD screen, allowing you to take your friends along for a vomit inducing ride - Dramamine optional. And since this system caters to race pilots looking to push the boundaries of gate grazing speed, the DOCK-KING features race specific features, like a race timing system & lap counter system - all with your very own grid girl that waves her flag to start the race.

More features, you ask? There are certainly plenty to go around. From a built in band scanner, direct RSSI feedback via LED's, RSSI warning data, auto DVR capability, battery warning features, saved channel capability, video options, OSD customization, and even the ability to tag in your very own call sign. More than anything, the DOCK-KING was developed for the FPV racer at heart, with the ability to set laps to be raced, tally time per lap, set minimum lap times and customize start tones & time delays. 

Ultra easy to utilize, the DOCK-KING features a multi directional button that allows full programming menu options, but stepping it up in fine fashion, Furious FPV adds an ultra easy smart phone app for the functionality bliss you would expect from a system this amazing. And considering how many features & capabilities this unit has to offer, the app will be your best friend as you explore the full DOCK-KING functionality when it comes to getting your FPV setup just right.

Since clear video reception is crucial when it comes to mach speed FPV, the DOCK-KING is more than a solution - it's a necessity that keeps your quad in the game and your eyes on the prize. Even better is the reduction of gear hanging off your face, equating to a more comfortable FPV experience with lighter overall weight.

Love FPV racing or just plain love FPV? The all new DOCK-KING will no doubt make that love even sweeter, offering a high quality video image with improved video capability, range and overall functionality that is just too good to pass up.