Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for keeping FPV-Direct in mind for your purchase! As with anything in life, we know there are questions to be asked, so we hope this guide will answer any questions regarding your order(s) with us.

Below are some frequent questions & answers that we come across. Although not all inclusive, we believe this will be a good guide for any questions that may arise. 

Of course, if you cannot find what you need here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, as our customer service team would be more than happy to assist!

Order FAQ’s:

 Where Do Your Orders Ship From?

 All products  via FPV-Direct ship from our location in Malden, MA within the USA, and are stored & packaged in our warehouse in Malden, MA. 

Under certain circumstances, we may have an item drop shipped from the manufacturer to better aid order fulfillment and shipping speed, but the lion's share of all products originate and ship direct from FPV-Direct in Malden, MA.

 Can I Change an Order Once it is Submitted?

Once an order has been generated via FPV-Direct (online or over the phone), the order no longer has the ability to be modified at this time - very sorry. However, if the order has not yet been marked as "Complete" in order status, our team can cancel and refund your order, allowing a new order to be generated at your convenience. 

Can I Place A New Order to be Combined with My Recent Order? 

Placing a secondary order to be combined with an original order that has recently been placed cannot be guaranteed to be combined, no matter what order notes are noted. 

Our shipping staff processes & ships orders quickly, so we cannot guarantee any (2) orders (no matter how closely placed) to be combined into (1) shipment. Further, additional shipping fees for orders created in an attempt to be combined with another order cannot be refunded.

 Can I Back Order Out of Stock Items?

Our apologies, as we are unable to offer back orders via the website or over the phone. However, this does not apply for pre-order options, as any pre-order option via the FPV-Direct website will allow the customer to create an order online, and once this pre-order is in stock, we will be sure to ship out. 

If you are in need of an out of stock item, please use the "notify" feature upon our website, which will allow us to send you an instant email update the moment the product arrives in stock.

 How Do I Place a Pre-Order?

 For an item that shows on our site as a “Pre-Order” status, you can either place the order online as normal, or you may contact us via phone to place the order. 

Since the website offers the greatest amount of options and information, we urge our customers to place any pre-order via the website, as this is the quickest & fastest method possible. 

Further, some items are not possible to be processed over the phone due to value and the required fraud checks that are utilized during an online order.

 Does FPV-Direct Charge Sales Tax?

 If you are a resident of Massachusetts, local sales tax will apply to your order; for all other orders within the United States, no sales tax will be applied. 

Please note that although FPV-Direct does not apply any taxes to orders outside of Massachusetts, your state of residence may apply certain taxes via out of state orders, or may require tax related information via orders outside of your state. 

Please consult your city, county and state tax rates to determine if your applicable sales or use tax.

 Does FPV-Direct Accept Phone Orders, Fax Orders, or Snail Mail Orders?

 FPV-Direct accepts both online and phone orders, but for the most rapid and convenient order process possible, please utilize our full featured website. 

Due to required fraud verification, our staff may be limited in placing orders over the phone, as certain products or order values may not be something that can be processed over the phone. Please also know that any phone order placed may require additional processing time relevant to fraud protection, thus delaying the order.

 How Long Does it Take My Order to be Processed & Shipped Once I Place My Order?

 If you place an order before 1:00pm EST, we do our very best to ship same day, and can often ship most orders same day. This same day shipping can be compromised due to high volume days, such as Monday’s, or the day after a recognized holiday. 

For further information regarding this matter, please see our Shipping FAQ’s for greater detail on order processing & shipping.

 Does FPV-Direct Ship Internationally?

 Yes! FPV-Direct ships worldwide from our facility in Malden, MA, although certain countries may not apply. Please check Shipping FAQ’s for more information, or feel free to contact our customer service staff for additional help.

 How Do I Know if My Order Has Been Submitted Successfully?

 Whether placing an order online or over the phone, if you have a valid email address within our system, you will receive an order confirmation number when your order is generated. Also, if you pay via credit card, you will receive an email confirmation of the charge placed on your credit card.

 If you do not have a valid email address, please request an Order ID number from one of our sales representatives so you will have this number ready for updates when you call in, as a lack of valid email address will prevent us from providing you with shipping updates.

 Will I Be Emailed Shipping Updates?

 As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email stating your order has shipped. If your order has a shipping method that offers tracking, the tracking number will be included in the shipping email.

 How Do I Keep Track of My Order?

 Your order will be shipped via UPS, USPS Mail, or FedEx, and you may use the tracking number you receive via email (1st Class International Mail has no tracking) and access one of the shipper’s websites to track your order.

 I Received an Email Stating My Order is “Pending”?

 This email simply states that your order is in our system, and has not yet paid for or processed via our shipping team. In a case like this, please contact our sales team so your order can be properly reviewed.

 I Received an Email Stating “Processing”?

In this case, your order is being processed and packed via our shipping department, and should ship very soon.

I Received an Email Stating My Order Is "Processing / Print Out"? 

As of this stage, our shipping team has printed out your invoice, and your order is in the final stages of packing. At this time your order is very close to being set to a "Complete" shipped status, although a "Processing / Print Out" order status does not guarantee your order will ship out today. 

I Received an Email Stating My Order Is "Complete"? 

Great news! When your order has a "Complete" status, this means our shipping team has processed, packaged and set your order to ship out. However, even though the lion's share of all "Complete" orders are passed off to the carrier to ship, certain parcels with a "Complete" status will have a tracking number, but will not have made it to our shipping carriers in time. 

In the above situation, this "Complete" order will have a tracking number, but the tracking number will not be live till the parcel is picked up by the carrier the following day.

 I Received an Email Stating “Partially-Shipped”?

In this situation, even though all items within your order were showing as "In Stock" at time of purchase, our team has unfortunately encountered an out of stock item (or items) via your order. 

We are certainly sorry if this situation is encountered, and in this case, our staff has elected to ship your order of in stock items and back order any missing item(s). Once the out of stock item(s) arrive at our facility, we will be sure to ship any missing items your way at no additional shipping charges.

 I Received an Email Stating “On Hold”?

 In this case, your order is has been placed on hold automatically for verification, or the order has been manually placed on hold by our staff due to an unusual issue that needs to be dealt with. In a case like this, our staff would normally reach out to you in order to resolve any issues so your order can be properly processed. 

If your order was placed on a "On Hold" status by our fraud verification software, do not worry. The review process is often very quick, and your order will be released in a very short time. 

If your order requires extensive fraud verification, your order may be placed on a "On Hold" for upwards of (3) days, although this is very unusual. If you are concerned about this, please reach out to our staff, as we are more than happy to assist with any details.